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Configuration files   
DAlbum configuration files

DAlbum is a relatively small and flexible script, and can be easily tailored to suit your needs. All you need to do is to edit a few configuration files.

So far there is no web-interface provided for changing these files, so please use your favorite text editor.

DAlbum configuration consists of four separate files:

  • /config/config.php - contains most important DAlbum settings and variables. Programming and web-design skills are not required to change this file - common sense and text editor are sufficient. Things you can configure include:
    • Set image resizing method ( ImageMagick, GD Library or else )
    • Change size of created thumbnails
    • Modify access control settings
    • Customize DAlbum color scheme and appearance
    • Set supported user interface languages
    • and many more
  • /config/custom.php - allows redefining certain DAlbum functions and extending DAlbum functionality. Some programming experience and basic understanding how DAlbum works would be useful.
  • /config/t_index.php - index page (with tree and thumbnails) template that may be changed to match your site contents. At least some knowledge of HTML is needed.
  • /config/t_showimg.php - image page (with fullsize image and next/previous buttons) template that also may be modified if necessary.

There is also fifth configuration file custom.css which resides in the main directory. This file contains your custom styles and is included into all produced pages after the main stylesheet (which is configured in /config/config.php). This is useful when you're happy with one of the supplied templates but need to tweak a few colors.

It is a good idea not to modify any code beyond these configuration files. This way upgrades can be done easily or almost automatically (with the utility provided). It does not limit your freedom much. This site, for example, is also running DAlbum and only configuration files were changed - everything else was left intact.