1.44 build 178

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1 Dec 2012

1.44 build 175 has been uploaded to address the issue with PHP 5.4.8. Bonus Pack includes support for Flash movies. HTML5 video support is not yet there.

8 Feb 2010. DAlbum development has been suspended

It have been years since the last update.

Lately the support forum was used by bots to send spam through private messages to the registered users. I am really sorry for the inconveniences this may have caused, and the forum is now completely disabled.

I'm still continuing to use DAlbum for my personal photo page, and with 10000+ images it manages just fine and does all I need from an online photo album.

The only new thing recently developed is a new add-on to play Flash movies, that will be available shortly. However, it is highly unlikely that there will be DAlbum 2.0. Internet has changed since 2003, and there are many great and free web albums and CMS systems to choose from now.

Thank you very much.

16 Aug 2006

1.42 build 155. There have been many changes since 1.38, some of which include:

  • DAlbum now works better with large trees, when there are 1000+ albums. The problem was actually client-side, with the Javascript tree getting very slow with such big trees. Now, however, it is possible to configure certain parts of the tree to be loaded on-demand by setting
    ; Album title, date and comments.
    in .albumdef.ini file (there is no UI for this setting, you have to edit the file).
  • Bonus Pack has been updated to version 1.2. The important changes are:
    • A ZIP file containing all full resolution images in the album can be downloaded, if AllowZIPDownload is set to 1 in album properties.
    • A configuration page has been added, to allow simple modification of some album options.
    • A HTML comment to the album can be displayed on a separate page, see installed Bonus Pack sample.
    • A button "All" can be displayed on the index page, to display all thumbnails on one page.
    • During slide show image name, comment, navigation bar can be hidden.
    • Image comments feature has been added to the bonus pack.
    • When viewing a large version of the image, a histogram can be displayed in EXIF details (this causes significant load on the server though).
  • Various bug fixes

25 Jan 2005

1.38 build 143. The issue with Firefox incorrectly displaying DAlbum index page is (hopefully) fixed.

14 Aug 2004

1.38 build 130. Another bug fix release but there are few new features this time.

  • Internet Explorer memory leak seems to be fixed.
  • Firefox issue with tree view getting 100% width is ( hopefully ) fixed. In existing installations you should edit config/t_index.php and replace the very long line
    <div class="fldimgrow"><
    img src="<?php print DALBUM_BROWSERROOT . 'images/transpix.gif';
    ?>" width="<?php print $g_nMinTreeWidth;?>px" height="1px"
     alt="" class="nothing"></div>
    <?php   insert_transparent_gif($g_nMinTreeWidth); ?>
  • Image rotation now works again.
  • Many other minor patches and fixes.
  • It is possible to login a user from the URL with username and password separated with colon: www.delx.ca/dalbum/sample/index.php?login=user:user. Very convenient for sending links by e-mail.
  • Another new feature is that you can add "temporary" users who do not need a password, but are allowed to view explicitly allowed albums only.

    For example, you want to send a link to DAlbum sample album "Tremblant" to a friend, but don't want to create a special user for him or to allow him to see your other personal pictures.

    Now it is possible to set album access list to "user,-tremblant2222" and hurrah! - a link www.delx.ca/dalbum/sample/index.php?login=-tremblant2222 will give access to the album, and, more good news, automatically direct the user to the album "Tremblant".

    Should it become necessary to revoke this url - remove "-tremblant2222" from the access list and that's it!

  • Finally, if
    in config.php, access to original images will be denied (earlier just the "Original" button would be hidden)

26 Jul 2004

1.37 build 127. This is mainly a bug-fix release. I have finally reinstalled PHP and my (fairly complex) DAlbum release engine, so new updates will be more frequent now.

  • PHP5 is now fully supported.
  • Fixed CSS issue that resulted in always visible horisonal scroll bar in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue with DAlbum EXIF parser and Minolta Z2 files.
  • Few issues with Swedish translation fixed ( thanks to Ingrid "Inkan" Renfors)
  • Slovak support added ( thanks to Gorgar )
  • Troubleshooting section updated addressing Safe mode
  • New add-in allowing to change sort order at will has been added. It has been also included into bonus pack.

14 Dec 2003

  • mrbass ( mrbass [at] mrbass [dot] org ) created 24! DAlbum stylesheets and kindly released them under GPL. Download here.
  • Full Spanish support is now available (thanks to Emiliano Diez)

29 Nov 2003

  • 1.36 build 106 released.
  • Basic HTTP authentication can be used even when PHP is running in CGI mode. Not all servers support this feature and there are other limitations. Check Basic HTTP authentication and PHP in CGI mode for details.
  • A bug in Image Comments add-on fixed. Please update your config/comments.php

22 Nov 2003

  • 1.36 build 100 released.
  • Few minor bugs fixed
  • DAlbum can now be embedded into another site. Sample module is provided for PHP-Nuke CMS system.
  • Several new customization functions
  • Image Comments add-on updated
  • French language support
  • Customization samples are now localized to all languages except Spanish and Chinese. Translations for these two languages is in progress and some strings may appear in English.
  • Better support for PHP Safe mode. On many sites with safe mode on a PHP script cannot access directories it creates with mkdir function. For these sites, DAlbum may create directories by connecting to itself using FTP.
  • Log in/Log off/Full Screen/Users buttons can now be hidden in config.php

9 Nov 2003

  • 1.35 build 98 released.
  • Maximum 10 links to album pages may be displayed. If album contains more than 10 pages, the list appears as follows: 1 … 10 11 12 13 14 … 200
  • New customization samples added:
  • Bonus Pack 1.1 - same as before, but includes two additional templates from above.
  • DAlbum updates do not include images folder any longer. You are free to modify images in this folder without risk that your changes will be overridden during next update.
  • New CAlbum::Sort method. Override to provide your own sorting order.

1 Nov 2003

  • 1.35 released. The most important piece of news is customization sample that demonstrates how to add support for additional file types into DAlbum.
  • Bonus Pack 1 - a set of pre-patched templates with slide show, video support and other features.
  • Images and albums can now have custom fields which are stored in .albumdef.ini files. These fields can be used for image categories, video files resolutions and other settings.
  • A number of bugs fixed in Comments sample.
  • Customization samples are now ready to support multiple languages.
  • Minor improvements in page templates.
  • New custom function - customAbsname in custom.php. There is also interface change in CImage class - methods IsImageFilename and GetMimeType take no parameters now.
  • Warning: If you have installed 1.35 build 91-92, please upgrade to build 94 as a critical bug in reindex.php was found in build 91.