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DAlbum PHP-Nuke module enables embedding the script into PHP-Nuke content management system as a module.

You can even use PHP-Nuke authentication if you like.


  1. Download PHP-Nuke module from here.
  2. Create a subdirectory "DAlbum" in PHP-Nuke "modules" directory. Extract add-on files there. You may change the subdirectory name if you like.
  3. CHMOD modules/DAlbum/cache to 777. It will be used for stylesheet caching.
  4. Extract original DAlbum installation into modules/DAlbum/script.
  5. Go to www.mysite.com/modules/DAlbum/script/index.php - you have a standalone installation now. Configure stylesheets, config.php and other settings.
  6. Ensure that all directories are specified with absolute pathes (ex. /var/http/site/dalbum/.private instead of default ./.private).
  7. Switch GZip compression off.
  8. It would also be a good idea to reduce the number of columns in thumbnail view to eliminate horisontal scroll bars.
  9. Edit modules/DAlbum/script/config/custom.php and append contents of custom.inc to this file.
  10. By default original DAlbum authentication (login/logoff pages and .htpasswd file) will be used, but you can uncomment two functions in custom.php to use PHP-Nuke authentication instead. In this case PHP-Nuke registered users will be treated by DAlbum as user "user" and PHP-Nuke administrators - as user "admin". You can put more detailed authentication there and parse PHP-Nuke cookies if you like.
  11. Append my_header.php to your html/include/my_header.php. Modify module name there if it's not "DAlbum".
  12. Edit your config/t_showimg.php page template and comment out call to dalbum_showimg_resize Javascript function at the bottom of the file:

    //    dalbum_showimg_resize('showimgPagetable','Image','imageRow','imageWrap',
    //                            <?php template('ImageSizeX');?>,
    //                            <?php template('ImageSizeY');?>,
    //                            '<?php template("BrowserFitMethod");?>');

  13. That's about it. Change page templates and stylesheets to match your site contents.