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This lousy script just doesn't work!!!

So it does not work? It will. So far no PHP 4.1+ server has been found where DAlbum could not have been started eventually. Chances are good that problem can be solved even without calling your ISP.

DAlbum was developed on PHP4, and if run on PHP5 server may produce some warnings about deprecated functions. If this is the case, try adding

to the bottom you your config/config.php file.

If the above didn't help, download test.zip and extract test.php from it to DAlbum installation directory. Run the file. Several tests will be performed and the produced detailed error report helps to identify the most common configuration and permission problems. Read the error messages - they might give you a clue. Very often there is a problem with permissions or invalid configuration.

Few additional recommendations:

  • Switching GD2 support off might help if your site is running older PHP version. To do that, edit config.php and set:

  • If you receive an error about inaccessible temp directory, create a subdirectory tmp in DAlbum directory, give the script full access to it (CHMOD 777) and set


    in config.php. Ensure that files from this directory cannot be read as www.mysite.com/photo/tmp/test.txt. If you web-host is running Apache, create ./tmp/.htaccess file with the following contents:

    deny from all
  • If a blank page appears when you press 'Show details' button, PHP built-in EXIF support is broken. Set


    in config.php to use DAlbum EXIF parser instead.

  • If one of the DAlbum pages fails to load and no error message is displayed, uncomment the following lines at the very bottom of config.php to print all error messages and warnings on screen:

  • PHP 4.1.2 on Windows has broken session support (Bug info). You have this problem if test.php works fine on your server, but "Reindex" button does not appear after successful administrator login. Upgrade your PHP or edit config.php and set
    to activate a special hack for this PHP version.
  • If you start getting error messages about Safe mode and invalid permissions, your site is running in Safe mode or admin has not bothered to install needed Apache modules (such as suExec for instance).

    It is likely that PHP cannot write to directories it creates or is unable to access files you upload via FTP.

    Possible solutions include (apply one by one and see if it helps)

    1. Install a PHP file manager and try creating directories and writing files to DAlbum temp and picture directories. Triple check that these directories have correct access rights.
    2. Edit config.php and set
    3. Configure DAlbum to create directories using FTP instead of usual mkdir command. To do that edit config.php and set:
      • $g_newDirRights=0777;
      • $g_bFTPMkdir=true;
      • Set $g_sFTPUser and $g_sFTPPass variables to your FTP username and password.
      • Set $g_sFTPHost to your FTP host (default "localhost" value does not always work).
    4. If you still having issues, delete all _res, _thm directories that have been created by DAlbum and try again.
    5. Ask in DAlbum forum. Search first!

If you have been unable to fix the problem yourself, ask in DAlbum forum. Try to search for an existing answer first. Please give a detailed report. URL of your problem site and test.php output would be useful too.