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Updating DAlbum installation to the most recent version

DAlbum was specially designed to be easily updatable to newer versions. When only configuration files are customized and the other installation files are not modified, upgrading DAlbum is very fast and easy.

Upgrade can be done either automatically or manually.

Manual upgrade

To upgrade your installation manually, download a special update only distribution which does not contain any configuration files and extract it into DAlbum folder. That's all.

Automatic upgrade

If you have DAlbum 1.20 or later installed, you can upgrade DAlbum automatically:

  1. Download and extract DAlbum update utility (Win32, 110Kb) to your harddrive.
    Do not run the utility directly out of the updalbum.zip file!
  2. Run the utility, press Add button and add your DAlbum FTP site to the list.
  3. Select sites to be updated and press Update button. You can select more than one site at once.
  4. Press 'Update' button. Update utility will automatically connect to www.delx.ca/dalbum and download the latest DAlbum build. If your site is running an older version it will be updated automatically. Your configuration files will remain untouched.

Note: The update utility provided does NOT send ANY personal information to delx.ca site. Only version.txt and dalbum.cab are downloaded using HTTP protocol. If still in doubt, download the source code here (it's quick&dirty, mind you :) ).

Upgrade notes

Upgrading to 1.30-1.31 to 1.32

In 1.32 configuration files are moved to a separate folder ./config. DAlbum still will be able to locate your configuration in ./include directory, but it is recommended to move them into ./config manually.

If you would like to use "fit-to-window" image resizing on your site, please update your t_showimg.php file from the 1.32 distribution or from here. This updated template contains several important fixes.

Upgrading 1.06-1.22 to 1.3

When manually upgrading to version 1.3, you will need to create two new template files: include/t_index.php and include/t_showimg.php. You can download just these two templates from here.

Upgrading 1.01-1.06

Upgrade is not supported for DAlbum 1.06 and earlier - too many changes and new files have been added since. Do complete reinstall in this case.