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Highlight recently modified albums   

When an image gallery has several thousands images and a deep tree of folders, it may be difficult to find out what the latest changes are. This sample shows how mark new and updated albums in tree with an icon or text to make latest modifications immediately visible.

The code below adds two custom fields to every album: creation date and modification date. Creation date is set to today's date when .albumdef.ini is created. Modification date must be changed manually in album properties whenever the album is modified (it's just YYMMDD format): pictures added, important comment changes made etc. Modification date is automatically propagated up the folder tree during reindex. Folder with a new or modified subfolder gets its modification date set to the latest updated subfolder modification date.

CExAlbumModified::GetTreeNodeCode method verifies if current album has been modified during the last 10 days and displays new! text after album name for new albums and updated! - for updated albums. You can display different text or an image instead.


1. Edit you custom.php and add the following code. Modify GetTreeNodeCode method to include preferred number of days and the method to mark modified albums.


2. Reindex (you may also need to delete .private/.album_index.dat file). When you add new albums they will be marked as "new!" in album tree and their parent albums marked as "updated!".